• Bumble Bee Research

    For my masters research at University of Florida, I studied small hive beetle attraction to honey bee and bumble bee colonies. This was done by collecting airborne volatiles from bumble bee and honey bee components (adult bees, immature bees, wax, pollen, honey) and whole colonies; comparing these volatiles through analysis with gas chromatagraph mass spectometry (GCMS); performing choice tests- in which reared small hive beetles chose between these components in 4-way olfactometric choice test arenas; screening commercial and wild bumble bee colonies for small hive beetles and associated yeast (Kodomaea ohmeri); analyzing yeast via developmental assays, morphometrics, and DNA analysis.

  • Kodamaea ohmeri in bumble bee colonies

  • Comparison of bumble bee and honey bee colony airborne volatiles

  • Small Hive Beetle Attraction to Honey Bee and Bumble Bee Volatiles

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